Terms of Use

Copyright occurs the moment an image is captured by the photographer, and no copyright notice is required. All herein photographic images are copyright "David Lee Anderson".


The images or text of "David Lee Anderson" which you obtain from this or any other source are licensed to you by "David Lee Anderson" for the limited purpose of personal, private use. In case of public use, any grant of rights is only for the specific use for which you were granted permission. Any other subsequent use requires a separate authorization. Further no license is granted in respect of any property rights. This does not mean that the title to the image was transferred to you. You own the medium on which the images or text are recorded, but "David Lee Anderson" retains full and complete title to the images or text, and any intellectual property rights therein.


DLAndersonPhotography.com reserves the right to make future changes to these guidelines. By using any "David Lee Anderson" image you thereby consent to these guidelines and any future changes.


Most frequently, copyright infringements arise out of a lack of understanding. If you are curious in more knowledge of photo copyright, there is an exceptional article here

"I augment my living from the capturing and distributing these photographic treasures I have created; your purchases are paramount in feeding, clothing, sheltering my family, besides continuing my means in the art. I stipulate that these images, viewed upon this browser, stay upon this browser, not to be copied, printed, or disseminated by any means other than said purchase. All Copyright infringements will be addressed.  Many thanks" - DL Anderson

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